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About Me

Ethnomusicologist. Audio Post Engineer. Cinematographer.

Jamila was born in Chicago, IL, where she obtained her Bachelor of Art in Radio, Television, and Digital Media with a minor in Cinematography from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. She decided to further her love for music by moving to New York City and attending City University of New York - Brooklyn College, Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema, where she obtained her M.F.A in Sonic Arts. Jamila is an experimental sound healing producer, professional director, videographer, and ethnomusicologist. She specializes in audio and video post-production, cinematography, and documentary filmmaking.

 Jamila studies sound waves and the cognitive effect on the brain that enhances the musical experience. She uses frequencies to produce her own forms of experimental music that help relieve stress, trauma, or physical pain in the body. Jamila enhances the musical frequencies that have the ability to change mood and emotional well-being when exposed to the proper pitch. She aims to compose music that creates a shift in contemporary music by producing new innovative sounds through research. Jamila Yancy continues to look for numerous ways to share her experience and knowledge by using art as a medium that contributes to society's advancement. Jamila has further expressed her values by becoming the Beauty Lives production company founder.

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